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My name's James Stirling (aka Shokkz), the reason my nickname is that is because i used to be into grime music and started producing my own tracks and writing my own lyrics, i did that for around 3-4 years and then i stopped for unknown reasons, i still have Myspace where you can still get my Cd's @ www.myspace.com/shokkzmusic (that's if you was curious =P), anyway, I'm 18 nearly 19 and want to get into web designing/authoring, I've liked the thought of it for a while now but i had a job but haven't anymore (through unseen events ¬_¬) so i wanted to get into it now i have alot of time on my hands, I'm going to use this site to let every visitor leave feeling happy that they just got their wallpaper for free ;), i will literally be adding wallpapers everyday in all my different categories, i hope you like the site, thanks alot, Shokkz x